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What is 3Run Entertainment?

3Run Entertainment is an events company based in Atlantic Canada. We are your first stop toward the hottest concerts and shows around. Since 2009, 3Run Entertainment has hosted and planned over 100 events all across Atlantic Canada. With tens of thousands of tickets sold to date, there is no stopping us now!

What Types of Events Does 3Run Do?

3Run Entertainment hosts many different types of events such as, club events, concerts, trade shows, and much more.

How Can I Sponsor an Event?

3Run Entertainment is always looking for eager sponsors for our events. To request a sponsorship package please email info@3runentertainment.com or click on the sponsorships tab in the footer.

Can I Book My Own Event?

Yes. 3Run Entertainment does not only host our own events we are happy to help host your event with our event management services. For more information on booking your own event please email info@3runentertainment.com.

Where Do I Purchase Tickets for an Event?

To purchase a ticket online click on the “buy tickets" button on each event section on the website.

Are event Attendees required to show ID?

Yes. By law, all attendees for events that are 19+ are required to carry and show two pieces of government issued IDs.

Is There A Dress Code For Special Events?

Unless stated in the event description, there is usually no dress code for events.

Where can I find Updates about an event?

To find updates about a particular event, you can click the "Event" tab on the website or check out the event on our Facebook and Twitter.

I bought tickets to an event but can't go. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately tickets are nonrefundable unless the event has been cancelled.

The event was cancelled. Can I get a refund?

Yes. If an event is cancelled or rescheduled you will receive a refund at the place or purchase. You must also provide proof of purchase.

My Tickets were lost, stolen, or destroyed, what do I do?

All ticket purchases are scanned and tracked to prevent the reuse of event tickets. Please call the ticket box office for any lost, stolen, or destroyed tickets and they will reissue a new ticket upon proof of purchase.

How do I Obtain a Discount Code?

For a chance to obtain a discount code, please add yourself to our mailing list.

How many SMS messages should I expect to receive after signing up?

You will receive a maximum of two SMS messages a month.

What types of SMS Messages should I expect to receive?

Signing up for our mailing list makes you eligible to receive SMS messages entailing first dibs on tickets, promo deals, as well as coupon codes.

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